Tuesday, October 30, 2007

YEA! One of our obstacles is covered. Our birth mom is IN Port-au-Prince. I know this because we had the opportunity to call her again today. We didn't have a long conversation since there was a lot of "I don't understand. I'm sorry." comments between the three of us. Then we had our Haitian processor call and talk to her. He said she will be at the appointment and seems genuinely happy with us. She just wanted to be sure we would continue to be in contact with her. I don't blame her a bit for that.

Turns out that the Immigration offices were closed on Monday and Tuesday because of flooding in Port-au-Prince. The offices will be closed again on Thursday and Friday for holidays. This is the only day. Seems interesting to me. And we pray that Immigration opens it's doors tomorrow morning. I'll be sitting by the phone. I'll try to report in as soon as I can.

Thanks for checking in! Now go pray! ;)



Debbie said...

Will be praying and crossing fingers for you ALL DAY. Remember, God was there for us, we made it to the Embassy on the ONLY DAY that would have gotten BOTH Brooke and I safely out of Haiti together...can't wait to hear that you BOOKED YOUR TICKETS!

Jacqueline Pine Savage said...

I'm praying, already!
Hangest thou in there, o baby...