Wednesday, April 04, 2007

On Monday, March 26th, 2007, our dossier for the adoption of our daughter in Haiti MOVED another step forward. No, this doesn't mean I can go get her, but it does mean that we are still moving forward. I hadn't written anything here for a while because I was so sure I would have news at any time and I wanted to wait. Silly me. :)

I was beginning to feel really down about the whole process of adopting. Waiting is difficult. I'm usually pretty patient, but I kept getting my hopes up for news and they kept getting dashed. I know I won't hear anything again for a while now, so I'll be okay for at least the next month. After that, all bets are off. But I am finally doing something to help me in the wait. I'm hoping to go to Haiti in June to get to know my daughter before she comes home. I haven't seen her since July of last year. She doesn't look like the baby I played with last July. The photos I get of her now look so grown up by comparison. While I'm there I'm planning to file my US Immigration paperwork as well. It would take so much longer to do that if I filed in Minnesota. I don't know how I'll afford going on two trips to Haiti (I'll have to go back and get her), but God has provided so far, so I'll trust Him in this, too.

So, we still covet your prayers as the saga continues. I'll let everyone know when we move again!