Thursday, March 08, 2007

I keep forgetting my account name and how to get where I want to go in the program that powers this blog. One of these days I'm sure I'll get the hang of everything - especially if I show up on a more regular basis. :)

It's cloudy today and I'm missing my daughter. In case you don't know, we're in the process of adopting our second child from Haiti (Isaiah, our four year old, was our first). Her name is Janae Barbara and she just turned two. We are currently stuck in the Haitian court system. We thought we would be out by now, but it seems there is no end in sight. I'm getting a bit frustrated since the American side of our paperwork is due to expire in June and I really don't want to pay the government another $545 to renew it. I will, but I don't know from where the money is going to come. Perhaps its time to lobby Congress to change the length of time that the paperwork is valid to two years. It seems to be taking a lot of people that long to get their kids home from many countries these days. Our dossier has been in Haiti since January 2006, but we've been dreaming of Janae since long before that. I had the opportunity to meet Janae this past July and Bryan went in November. She's a really sweet little thing with a great smile and huge eyes (the photo is from early January). Isaiah can hardly stand the wait for his little sister. He talks about her every day and what life might be like when she gets here.

"She might sit on me, Mom."

"Yes, she might. What do you think you would do if she did?"

"I think I might kiss her."


So my prayer today is that we would finally move a little bit forward this week. A miracle would still bring her home in May.

Ahhh, wouldn't that make for a lovely Spring. :)