Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sorry, I thought I updated this, and now I see that I did not. Argh.

Well, in order to try to avoid making two trips to Haiti, we sent the birth mom an email with a link to a photo page on the web of lots of Janae photos. It seems the birth mom was told by the U.S. people that she would never see her daughter again, never receive another photo and never have contact with her again. While she had been warned they would say such things, it seems it really made her want to talk to me again. Supposedly, they are going to bring her to the orphanage today to help her read what I have sent to her and hopefully let her ask her questions of me. I'll be checking my email a lot this evening. If we have to make two trips, we'll do that. I'd rather spend my money on my daughter, not on airfare. I'll try to let you all know what happens today (or whenever).

Thanks for checking in on us!

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