Monday, October 08, 2007

Woo hoo!!! Yippee!!! We got some GOOD news!!! Janae has a passport!!! Can you tell how I feel about that??? We weren't expecting it so soon, but that's okay. :)

Now we are just praying for a good day Wednesday. Our birthmom has her appointment at 11:30 am. As far as we know, that is our LAST BIG HURDLE. Who knows what the U.S. government might throw at us, but we're hoping they will be merciful. Janae could be here VERY SOON!!!

You'd think after two years, we'd be ready. NOT! In fact, we are so UNready, it's silly. I have a few clothes for her (I had to put away all the summer stuff) and I know we have food that she'll eat. I believe the diapers I had in June will still fit, too (unless she's gained a good 10 lbs.). So maybe we're okay. We had planned to get the bedroom painted and re-carpeted, but that's been slow going. It will have to get done soon, but maybe it can wait until she's home (like we'll have ANY time then). Isaiah is SOOOOO ready to have his sister home (he thinks). I can't wait to see if his fantasy comes close to reality. We've talked about all the different possibilities of siblingness as we could think of, but I'm sure the two of them will throw us a curve ball or two. Can't wait.

So, if you think of us on Wednesday, there might be a reason. Just pray. And then pray a little bit more. I'll let everyone know as soon as I know. Really, I will.

Love you all,


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