Friday, October 26, 2007

Trying not to panic. It's hard.

I called U.S. Immigration in Haiti again today to try to set up another appointment for our birthmom. The woman on the phone said that there was a problem with our case and that we should be receiving a letter. I said that I knew that there was a problem. Our birth mom was afraid we wouldn't send her photos. I said that we would like her to be interviewed again. The woman said she didn't know what impact that would have on our case, but she set up an appointment on October 31st at 11 am.

I hung up the phone and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My own government may deny my adoption, because of things THEY said to our birthmom. Two years. Two years and then some of loving a little girl far, far away. For two years my son has been practicing being a big brother. For two years I've been thinking of my life with two kids. For two years, a woman in Haiti has gone to all her Haitian government interviews and signed all the paperwork to send her daughter to another family. Two years.

I'm calling out all my prayer warrior friends. We need you. Please pray. This would be a simple thing for Almighty God. We need Janae to be home with us.

Our birthmom has been out of town for a while, but will hopefully be returning to Port-au-Prince tomorrow. The orphanage is planning to bring her in and talk to her and show her the photo page I set up for her and the letter I sent. Please pray that she trusts us and believes what we tell her. It's all true and the letter came from my own heart. We'll hopefully hear something by Monday. I'll try to blog it here.

Thank you for your continued support!


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