Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lots of stuff happened today, but not what we expected. I got the go-ahead from the head US guy in Haiti to submit copies of our paperwork for the review so that was good.

Our birthmom didn't get to the appointment today because there is a transportation strike in Port-au-Prince (protesting rising gas prices - they are a LOT higher than here). On an upnote, our processor called USCIS (Immigration) and they are WELL AWARE of our time constraints and offered our birthmom another chance tomorrow (usually it takes at least a week to get an appointment). Evidently the guy in charge knows about us (could be the email I sent to him) and that is helping our cause. I had to go Fed Ex paperwork that was missing from our file today, too. We also scanned and emailed copies. Thank God for the internet!

We're still in the race against the clock, but at least we're still in the race. Keep those prayers a comin'! :)


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