Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just a quick note to remind my friends and family to pray for Janae's birthmom today. She has her US Immigration interview today. If they believe that she really is Janae's birthmom and her story of why she is having to give her up for adoption, all will be well. If not, they may require DNA testing to prove that she is Janae's birthmom. They may also require other documents.

So, today we are praying for these things:

*That God would be present in the details of the day

*For peace for Adline that she is making a good decision for her daughter

*That she would show up for the interview

*That no DNA or other documentation would be required

*That USCIS would believe her and all would go well

I woke up this morning thinking about Adline. She is a beautiful girl. Stunning actually. When we met, one of the things she was worried about was that we wouldn't tell Janae about her. I told her that I would tell Janae everything I know about her. We are planning to stay in touch through the orphanage. I wish I could've done the same thing for our son's birthmom, but I've always had the impression that she didn't want to meet us. We tried.

I'll post if I hear anything this evening! Thanks!


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