Friday, December 28, 2007

Just wanted to let you all know that the Consulate has our paperwork, but we're waiting to hear if they will need more paperwork to give us a visa appointment. Our homestudy technically expired (AGAIN) during all the hubbub, but we have our update in hand. It's just not in Haiti. And now we've got a hint that they will probably ask for a form from me claiming my income. It's a completely unnecessary form, but it seems like everyone has to attempt to keep my child away from me as long as possible. Yes, I've become paranoid now. ;)

We've got a lot of stuff happening for the next few days so I probably won't post again until some time in January. Our processor is going on a much needed vacation, but he seems to think that others can finish things up for us in his absence. If not, he'll be back on January 9th. That's less than two weeks. Can we wait that long? Hmm...maybe. ;)

So take a short break from checking this blog every day. I'm sure we won't have any more news until at least the 3rd or 4th as the first two days of the year are major holidays in Haiti (January 1st is Independence Day - great story - look it up!)

Keep praying! Those prayers have really been working lately! :D


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