Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, I still really don't know anything, but I'll give you all a synopsis of what has happened since last I posted.

We've called Haiti lots.

We were told that the officer in charge was ill.

We were told to call back tomorrow repeatedly.

When I was finally allowed to speak with someone about our case (not the officer in charge), she said that there was a problem with our file. Since our birth mom said initially that she would not sign and then came back a month later and did sign, they need to "seek legal counsel". Never mind that our birth mom hasn't parented this child in over 2 1/2 years. Never mind that we have legal custody of this child in Haiti. Never mind that we have loved Janae for over TWO YEARS. It doesn't matter.

We contacted Senator Coleman's office since his staff was very helpful when we were stuck in the mess that was our first Haitian adoption. I emailed the person in the office that helped my friend, Michelle, get her kids home. She responded right away. Hope they can help.

Last week when we asked for the officer in charge of Immigration by name, we almost got through. Then when they realized who we were, they said that he was out for the day. Yeah, right. "Call back next week."

So Bryan called this morning and was told to call back tomorrow for a "final answer". I'll be shocked if we get a "final answer" tomorrow. If it's positive, I'll be jumping up and down. If it's not positive, I won't let it be their "final answer". We will not rest until our daughter is sleeping in her own bed in Minnesota.

So, all this to say "PLEASE PRAY!" I will post again tomorrow, even if they don't answer the phone.

Thanks for your presence in our lives!

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Shari said...

I am praying earnestly!!