Friday, January 04, 2008

I just got off the phone with a lovely woman at the Consulate office. She confirmed that they received our documents and they were turned in for approval on December 28th. She is expecting to give us an answer regarding our situation on Monday, January 7th. She told me something interesting. When we adopted Zay, you could have a visa appointment and still need to come up with more documentation. She said she changed the process so that the documentation comes first and when they say you can come for your visa appointment, you already have approval. That's SO much better. In other words, if she gives us a visa appointment on Monday, that means we can officially pick up Janae. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself since we all know that bumps happen, but it is getting SO close. :D

I thought all my faithful readers would also like to know that our oldest is older today. Zay is now 5. Amazing but true. He will be on a major sugar rush as he will be eating cake several times in the next two days. I think he's okay with that. ;) Last night we said goodbye to four. I asked him several questions about his expectation about being five.

"Do you think you'll grow taller?"


"Do you think you'll get smarter?"


"Do you think you'll listen to your mom and dad more."

Dead silence.

"Do you think you'll TRY to listen to your mom and dad more."

Nod of affirmation.

We'll see. ;) Hey, at least he's honest.

So tune in on Monday. At least we have a busy weekend ahead of us so the time should fly.



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